Jack Daniel Trá – Stating the obvious inconvenience.


My name is Jack Daniel Trá.

BSc. Zoology ¦ Marine Rescue volunteer ¦ Archelon Sea Turtle Ambassador ¦ Marine Mammal Observer ¦ Emergency First Responder ¦ Trainee CMASS-CFT Diver ¦ Photographer.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a place for positivity, creativity, ingenuity and inspiration. However, like any good piece of literature, scientific or othewise, before the methods, results and conclusion, one must state the problem.

The sphere spins as usual. The haze builds and chokes. The dark clouds bellow and sit heavy, waving and deflecting down solar-empowered radiation. It’s getting hot and wet and dry and cold. Melting ice will see a sudden onset of furrowed brows, such as those associated with the feeling of stepping “squelch” into a pool of water on the bathroom floor. A terrible inconvenience indeed.  Now you have to change your socks, there are no two ways about it, you have to change.

Like a cartoon, a bodily function graphically depicted by a dark green cloud, thick and noxious. The cloud is the talk of the party upon arrival, a window is opened and suddenly all is forgotten and business carries on as before. As if nothing had ever happened. If a dark noxious cloud were to appear all of a sudden or gradually in a cartoon scene, well it must be dealt with, and as the saying goes, “whoever smelt it…”. Therefore a great big fan may be acquired, or perhaps an elaborate system of wafting sheets and strings, thus complications, successes and comical failures unfold. In spite of all efforts, the cloud remains at the embarrassment of the protagonist and in the hysterics of the sentinel. However, there is nothing hysterical about it. When the noxious gas builds to a degree so detrimental, it can not be cleared. A smothering down duvet, encasing and warming everything within its envelope. The ground gets hot, the air gets wet and all is drawn from the land and sea, but the salt and dirt. Salt of the Earth..? Salted Earth. – R.I.S.P.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions (inc. agriculture, transportation & energy production) are warming Planet Earth. Warm Earth = melting ice, ocean acidification, sea level rise salting soils, and the list goes on… (essentially complete global ecosystem breakdown).
  • If efforts to change and to mitigate further pollution of the atmosphere do not increase quickly, we shall have no bright future to offer anyone who may be in search of it.



We “The Human Race” may be the greatest threat to the health and function of Planet Earth, however (and this is the important bit),


It is up to you, yes YOU, to change your socks. Off with the wet and soggy and on with the fresh, bright and clean. This is not something you are doing alone, we all need to pull together and bring the world along with us. A powerful force sits behind the fingers at every keyboard, in every supermarket, in all walks of life be they tall or small or long and thin.

Heads are shaking, bones are bursting with fires and passion and eyes are open. We see the road ahead and it needs some work, but there’s only one way to get it done.



Think Global ~ Act Local




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